Monday, April 6, 2015

Finding Equilibrium in Dance

It is an exciting busy time with rehearsals, travel, new ecommerce biz, and the rocky road of being a gen X womyn... so I am very grateful I have a moment on this beautiful monday to geek out about conservation of momentum!

While creating my newest work "Life Spirals" I have been deeply exploring the balance; and lack there of, on the transverse plane.
Many ups & downs...
Twists & unravels...
Lefts & rights ...
And every push & pull in between!

Then suddenly in ballet class this morning the conservation of momentum involved in a balancing pose hit me!
It was like a white light the size of a lazer intersected the center of my fore head and I said to myself "you are not living in a vacuum to find perfect balance in an imperfect enviorment you must be ADAPTIVE!"

Lets take a look at extension, or develope dé vant, the struggle in holding that pose is just that...HOLDING IT!!!
*********There is nothing still internally about a balance!****************
◆  As your toes to your hip crease extends forward & up, the entire body will continue on that path without _____________ .
      A) counterbalance     
      B) opposition.     
      C) backwards & down.      
      D) all of the above

The technical side is how much effort is need? And what exactly counters the action?
   First off, less is more.. when you weight things you move the balance little by little to find the equilibrium.... play with it!
        ◆ stretch one arm and forcefully punch the other way. Unless youve gone completely rigid the bunch wins out.
        ◆ now extend one arm pulling your torso off, then gently counter until you find the optimum resistance.
   Second, find an opposition part of the body
        ◆ in the forward extension the pelvis must counter the gesture let... not tucking!!!
        ◆ your feet and the seat muscles must coordinate.. If the feet were back the Seat must scoop (not tuck) forward
        ◆ plus! You spine must counter the force of gravity with alignment & elongation over the leg grounding into the floor

Take this gently balancing approach with you and trust that with conservation of momentum you will find your equilibrium!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Updates: Guest Teaching, "Life Spirals" & Asking For Donations

I know, I know it's been a while folks!  but don't worry still being a dancing mathematician!  Haven't dropped off the face of the planet,  nor fell in a blackhole, and didn't get stuck running laps around the Mobius track... lol  Yea I still got it!!!

Although, I have had some falls, climbs, runs, and rests, but I apologize for not being present online and I am back with more games, lessons, observations, analysis, and  moves than ever before!!!

 News Updates:

Math Move Down South
While spending time in my Sweet Home Alabama, I've been guest teaching and speaking at schools in the area.  It's great to share my activities to a new demographic.  Sadly like most US students they start out as skeptics, but once we get moving the fun happens!

"Life Spirals"
My newest choreography project is up for preview on youtube! I am excited to book some venues to share it with the world!  This Site-Specific Improvisation is inspired by the Quantum Field Theory.  If you are unfamiliar think Tornado, Sink Drain, or Flower Blooming.  Spirals are everywhere, and the theory is based on the fact that our planet moves around a moving object which creates a vortex.
Check it out:

Fundraising Efforts:
My Vision is to change the perception of mathematics (especially among women) and this means sharing this work beyond my current location.  I do have a nomadic lifestyle but there are better ways to spread this curriculum than visiting every tangent to the globe.  It would be fun, but my vision would come into fruition much faster by publish my lesson plans, mass produce kits for MathMove Games, and create an online portal for teachers, parents, and students.

Upon researching the ins and outs of incorporating Mathematical Movement, I learned trademarks, copyrights, patents, production, and LLC registration isn't cheap!  So as a freelance dancer, math tutor, dance teacher and babysitter, there are simply not enough hours in the day to bootstrap my business. I have decided to take action with It Works! Global - a wellness company that gives people just like you and I the opportunity to sell the quality, natural & organic product lines online. With the extra income, I am closer to these goals and excited about my vision.  However, This is a very new endeavor, and I need your help to grow this business and spread the word.  If online shopping isn't for you, no worries!  I am also accepting donations and sharing my info is so helpful, too!

Two Ways to Give:
1) Donate or Share/Like Mathematical Movement:
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2) Let me help you by you helping me! As a dancer, wellness has always been a priority with me.  So choosing It Works! as another source of income was a natural decision. On my website you can purchase a variety of health and beauty products to meet an array of lifestyle needs.  Make a purchase and get the perk of self-care or like/share my fan page to spread the word! Feel free to contact me for product consultation, fitness motivation, wellness tips, or just tell me what's up!
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If you'd like to help spread fun math & science learning around the globe, please donate, shop, or share!  I am so grateful for the help!!

Let's share Mathematical Movement with every child, parent, & classroom in 2015!!!!!!!!