Donations are Welcome

Donations are Welcome

Mathematical Movement is a start-up business; its inception on January of 2013.  The emergence of the method began during Kilpatrick's work as a Math Tutor since 2007.  What began as typical one-on-one tutoring sessions developed into a tactile method for learning analytic, logic, problem-solving, and math skills through movement.  Naturally, Math Move promotes a healthy active lifestyle to the participates as well. 

The Mission of Math Move is to assist student who struggle with math & science using Kinesthetic Learning to provide confidence and a joy for learning.  Kilpatrick's method is to put fun first; with exceptional patience she develops an environment for learning and playing with concepts of Math and Science.  

Kilpatrick's personal vision is to open fellow educators to a new way of learning and provide confidence to individuals who have given up on understanding mathematics. 
"I hope to encourage and empower girls to pursue careers in Math and Science while Promoting an active healthy lifestyle." -LA Kilpatrick 
As a tutor for the past six years, Kilpatrick noticed that women and men struggle with the same problems in math.  Typically, male students get less frustrated and overcome struggles quicker.  Females tend to get caught up with their frustrations blocking their ability to learn. Girls are just as capable of grasping math concepts, but when they struggle they think "oh, girls aren't good at math". Newsflash, Men struggle in math too, but there is no one telling them they can't.  

Mathematical Movement hopes to reach a larger audience. Kilpatrick hopes to provide workshops, study materials and videos, subsidized tutoring, and more.  Funding is definitely a necessity. 

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