Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Voyagé: Mobile to NYC

Mon. 1/3/11 2:02pm; I begin my trip via I-65 N.  Leaving the warm Mobile, Al for as my landlord calls “cold, dry, and Icy” NYC. 

Will, my bf, is driving me to bham a train will carry me the rest of the way on my journey.  Amtrack is a new railroad company so has to pull aside for other companies that own the railways.  A long Voyage to ponder and prepare.

Yes that date is 2011 not 1911 and we do have airplanes.  However, living in a post 9/11 America, the security is a hassle that I have chosen to avoid.  Elaboration: groping pat downs, shoe removal, no liquids over 8 oz., bag limits, expensive checked bag fees, lines, dead of winter delays, claustrophobic conditions…. But also to save money, the environment, and experience recession America along the tracks.   

I sold my car to finance this adventure, and honestly, It is a load off my back.  I’m a big supporter of Public Transportation.  Much more efficient. Also, No more gasoline, Insurance, maintenance etc.
 But I wonder if NPR’s Car Talk will be as interesting? 

After a 4 hour drive we arrive in bham.  I went to school here, just graduated in May.  We stay the night in bham.  7pm class with Teri Weksler, a former dancer of MMDG/BSC professor/mentor.  I’ve been dancing for Mobile Ballet, Inc.; they offer only ballet.  I hadn’t had a good modern class in a long time, so; I really needed Teri’s class before my adventure.   I love Teri’s class; I love Teri.  If I were to name a mentor in college, then it was Teri Weksler.  She taught me so much how to breathe while dancing for one.  There are so many things to think about when dancing that sometimes dancers tend to hold their breath.  She also taught me so much about life and culture and countless corrections that have made me the dancer that I am.  Despite the limited modern dance, this fall, I picked up the movement quickly; it felt so right.  I love ballet; I am so thankful for my classical background.  Yet, there is something so organic and alive about modern dance.  I discovered that Jr. year of college.

My dear little, Caroline, was throwing me a bon voyagé wine and cheese party.  It was so nice to see some friends before head out on life’s journey.  I’m going to miss my friends from school, home, and Mobile.  Especially Will Hunter; I’m really going to miss him!  This February makes 3 years; however, we do not know the exactly time of our anniversary.  We celebrate during Mardi Gras because it moves around when we started dating. 

 ((((((((((A.D.D. Moment: Fact, the original Mardi Gras started in Mobile, AL, not New Orleans)))))))))).

Bus ride:

Did not expect bus ride some old train blocked mine…. The lady I sat with was nice but she talked so much.  I never got a word in edge wise.  It was like she was resiting memoirs.  She had a fascinating life.  A large portion of that life was poverty.  She was a very kind lady coming from Memphis going to Philly.

Train ride:

So Much Fun!  I met an interesting guy from Dublin.  I asked hime what he thought of Ireland’s Housing Crisis.  Proportionally, It sounds much worse than the US’s bubble burst.  I am in New York for dance; however, I have a Mathematical Mind.  Throughout this blog I will analyze the mathematical side of dance and the world at times….   

I met quite a few interesting people.  I found on train rides that people ask where you are from/going instead of names.  There was two athletes a football player (D.C) and a Female Rugby player (Philly).   They were a lot of fun in the dining car after hours… ha. I also surprised the fellow drinkers with my spades skills.  Little did they know my sr. project was Game Theory (mathematics behind games). 

I love seeing the country via train.  However, some of the worsed neighborhoods are near train tracks, and it did have its depressing moments.  The World Economy as we know it is in for a big change.  An Important Change that will lead to an exchange in international power from US to China.  I feel like America is struggling to hold on to a lost cause, and should stop destroying its currency.  We need to give up on being the economic power in the world and should start covering our debts, as a people and as a government.

Apollo’s Angels

Along the train ride, I started reading my Christmas Present, Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet—Jennifer Homans.  What makes this book unique from other historical text on ballet is that she really looks at dance as a Culture.  Since the origin of man, dance has been a strong cultural part of mankind.  The book reminded me of a great dancer I met in Los Angeles this summer.  She had just graduated from Grad school in London.  She studied Dance Anthropology.  My Mathematical Mind leaves little room for vocabulary. I asked her what exactly that meant, and she replied “the study of why people dance, what is the compulsion, why since the beginning of time dance has been so evident in the culture of civilizations.”  Homans studies the same thing when researching the origins of Ballet.  She explains how the Académie de Poésie et de Musique used dance as a political distraction, Catholic Spirituality representation, and Artistic application of Pythagorean logic.  The Academy started in 1570 in honor of King Charles IX of France.  The book is such a good read for anyone who has an interest in culture and history.  As for you dancers, it is a must read.  I took dance history in College, and hated my text.  It was so boring…. However, Homans’ Passion for dance comes through in her words.  I can relate to the author, and have observed the facts more easily than my previous study of dance history.  Honestly, because I have learned these names of schools, dancers, theaters, companies, stars, etc. I also am having an easier time reading.  Thank you Mrs. Henry… lol

Arriving in Penn Station

There should be more elevators!   So there isn’t an elevator available to the A or C trains. What carry them myself? Not with these little arms.  I employed an elderly man … lets just call him uncle Willy. 

(((((((((((A.D.D. Moment: to my “flat” mate, I spoke with an old irish accent just now.)))))))))))) 

So Uncle Willy, He lugged my biggest monstrously heavy bag up the stars.  You think I’m dumb; it’ll get stolen? Come on.…. I mean I’m a dancer. I can out run an elderly man stealing heavy luggage…. 

Anyways, he was a recovering Drug Addict having lunch with some Nuns…. Right?!?!  Honestly!!!!!! It was sad. he had some screws loose be it drugs or special needs?   I gave 10 dollars…………………… He hustled 10 more. I mean…. Ladies, what would you do if a homeless dude was trying to give you European farewell???? You’d give him a ten and get out of there!

I arrived at 55th station in Brooklyn waiting to meet Edith.  Edith is like the Jewish mother I never had (which is perfect because this my first adventure into the real world).   I arrive to my new flat…. That is a flat within and old house AKA 1324 House

Destination Time: Wed. 1/5/11 5:35pm

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