Saturday, April 16, 2011

A time of Rest

I read an article in Dance Magazine about the importants of resting when necessary.  A couple weeks back I hurt my ankle running to catch the N train (express) home.  the last step of the stairs my left ankle bows outward as I step on my left foot. A neighbor/stranger helped me off the train and up the stairs.  I took a week off.  Self medicated (very dumb).  But I knew I had an audition coming up very important to me.  I after the week off I danced all week preparing only to be cute like the aprox. 200 others.  I took a week of rest refusing to dance this time till I am %100.  But It is so difficult and such bad timing.....

I didn't finish the above as I began to burst in to tears as I was typing.  Looking back I wish I didn't go to that audition. Currently, Still injured and resting, but I a much more optimistic state of being.  YogaWorks has become my sanctuary. It is hard for me to resist dance class, and Yoga has kept my routine and abs in tact.   Yoga heals my physical dance life and my personal life as well.  Ugh let go of your baggage people... w/ever ills you!

I have a wonderful Physical Therapist, Stuart.  Referred to me by a dance friend Jennifer Miller.  I had from the injury and years of ware.  a knot of scar tissue on my tendon as well as over stretched ligaments.  This past week he broke down that scar tissue and had me rest even off of yoga.  He says it should heal correctly in time for my Show in May. I'm on top of my thera-band exercises.  If anything my biggest rule is rest.  Which is hard to do..... Today I had my first Rehearsal with Exit 12 only allowed to mark the movements in the back.  I have to stop thinking like a student who is embarrassed she is injured, but think like a Professional who is caring for her Instrument.  (Sidenote:  I'm very annoyed cas I lost my ice pack and I hate using baggis!!!)  Though I marked I was still on my feet for hours.  and now I've propped them up

During Rest, I'm discovering new talents.  Choreography.
I made a friend at the Apollo's Angels Book Signing, DJ.  Over brunch he suggested I visit Greenwood Cemetery and if inspired choreograph.  He is involved with an annual festival in the fall at Greenwood, and I should submit an abstract.  Despite my time of rest, my dancing brain refuses to take off. I don't know if I'm ready to talk in detail.  I went to a discussion hosted by Dancenyc junior committee.  One Point I recall is "Specificity" when talking about what your work.  I don't want to lead my audience astray.   So now i need to get working on my business proposal as well as my food industry resume... lol.


Personal life: I'm Moving out of my sublease.  Will and I are renting a studio or 1br in bayridge starting in May.  No more long distance!  I'm not leaving the wonderful neighborhood of Bayridge!  Made two friends at a hiking event who also live in my neighborhood!  It's a small city after all well I guess when people live on top of each other... (But we got the brownstones in Bayridge.) I love this Neighborhood; couldn't leave it.  more personal news.  Compliments of Brady, I started reading a new book of unpublished works by Vonnegut Armageddon in Retrospect compiled by is son Mark, and I'm surviving.

peace out
LA Kilpatrick

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