Thursday, March 3, 2011

Disaster Auditions

I have set aside this post to keep all the bad audition.  It doesn't seem appropriate glorifying them with there own individual post.  These are the mistakes I hope not to repeat.

Lines Ballet Auditions
A Disaster......  They rented a studio too small to accommodated the size of the audition.  We were subject to a cramped floor barre.  I had no center; I wasn't warm;  I could barely be seen; and my shoes kept slipping off.  It was a Mess!  I was cut after the first round.  I comforted my discouragement with the fact that every girl remaining was at least 5'6''.   However, I didn't let one bad audition spoil the rest.  As I left the audition I walked away tall (despite my 5'4'' stature).

Nashville Ballet Auditions
I don't know what is my deal with Nashville Ballet.  Its like my subconscious doesn't want to dance with them.  I felt like this year would be better.  I would return to the audition making them think oh that girl who fell last year has improved so much, but no.  Instead I became the girl who dances well at   barre then falls apart at center.  I blanked during the petite allegro combo right in front of the judges. It was miserable.  The whole class I was trying to get into it, but I felt as if I had bricks tied to my feet.  Oh whoa is me.  Although, There were no cut I left the auditions knowing I wasn't going to be contacted.   It was hard to walk away tall when all I wanted to do was get home and cry into my pillow.

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