Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ben Munistreri Audition

A disaster as expect.  When I first moved to NYC I didn't realize how much time to calculate for the commute.  So I'm late...  I learn the combo by watching the other groups.  (Real simple placement adagio). I am not warmed up but luckily I did yoga when I woke up.  It's my groups turn, and I'm So On balance, timing, everything!  After that Ben Munisteri cuts half of the nearly 100 Dancers; myself included.

Luckily the audition was at City Center where I take ballet.  So I went up stairs and made it to Proia's Class.  It was very fun! Proia's Style is like a mix between Eilie Lazar and Winthrop Corey. I took to the choreography quite well.  After class Proia asked me to return for the next days class! It really perked my spirit from my first audition.

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