Thursday, March 3, 2011

Proia's Class

I returned to Proia's Class as he requested.  It was a more advanced class so we moved through barre quicker and started moving!  He has a moving quality like Elie's Class with a Balanchine style of foot work.  He cracks jokes during class that makes you laugh through the tough parts of class.  He has a major focus on placement.  Correction: "Despite how much the dance makes you move you have to always be aware of your placement."  I notice in Proia's combination, if I were slightly off balance it slowed me up and I lost the timing of the combo.  He asked me to come take class from him at Peridance.  I think I have become a favorite of his because he likes to give turns and combinations that move over the entire space.  These focuses in his class are the things I love about dance! I can see this becoming a great connections for me!

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